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How To Do And Use Thermal Evaporation

The E-Beam deposits metal on to the substrate. This a complicated procedure and potential operators must be trained and certified before they can use the equipment. Only one operator may use the machine at a time and only one may be logged in. Read on to find out how to do and use thermal evaporation.

It is important to keep track of all the users and the material they are working on, so be sure to record your name and that information in the appropriate log book.

It is essential to follow proper procedure when loading a sample. First, choose the appropriate sample holder. One is designed for whole wafers, while the other is for smaller samples. After choosing the appropriate one, use the clips to hold the sample in place. This is necessary because the wafer is inverted during the operation and would otherwise fall off.

Before you can begin, it is necessary to vent the system. Once this is completed, the chamber can then be raised with the toggle valves. Once the sample is in the proper position, the next step is to load the crucible containing the metal that will be evaporated. The crucible is placed in the chamber designated for that particular metal.

When placed in the proper slot, the shutter is then closed. You can then lower the chamber and move on to the high vacuum stage. The next step in the operation is the pump down process. That pump is activated by the roughing valve, which results in the pressure decreasing. This is an absolutely necessary step before the high vacuum is started. This step can take a few minutes.

For optimal results and the most dependable operation, seek out the best companies that build thermal evaporation systems. We will continue with additional information on the E-Beam machine’s operating procedure in subsequent postings.

Just A Girl Who Needs More Knowledge

You know those people who just know things? And I mean they just know everything. Random facts, business, news, and current events – they’re just always in tune with everything. Well, I’ve decided that I want to be that person. I want to be able to tell you “yes, that piece of information is correct” or “no, you’re wrong because this and that.” I think it’s very useful to know a lot of information. You can learn to do things yourself.

For example, the other day, my air conditioning broke (at least I thought it did), and I had no idea how to get it working. I called my parents, my boyfriend and none of them could help me because none of them were here. I even looked online for help and almost called a professional. Turns out, I had pressed a wrong button and it reset the entire system. Oops.

readThere are things like this that I would just like know and not pull out my hair trying to fix something that wasn’t even broken in the first place. It’s my mission to be that “knowing” person for somebody else. Eventually I’ll be that person for my kids (unless if it’s my husband), but I would also like to know things to help others. So for the next couple months, I’m going to read and do research on anything that I think will be beneficial to my life. Join me and let me know what random facts I should know!